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Supply List for the 2024-25 School Year

In order to provide some relief from back-to-school shopping, elementary schools are asking families to contribute a $25 donation per child to cover the cost of school supplies. Families will be able to pay the donation in August at this link. All students should be prepared for school with a backpack, refillable water bottle and lunchbox.

Direct payment link:

Directions to Pay:

  1. Visit the direct payment link here
  2. Log in with your username and password (same as Family Access)
  3. Click on the student that you would like to make a payment for
  4. Under "Shop," click on “Items at Student School”
  5. Click on item you would like to pay: “School Supply Donations" >> "Grade Level" >> "School Supplies"

If you are able to contribute more than $25 to support a child in need, please feel free to increase your donation. (If you are unable to make the full donation, you may select a lesser amount.)